Need Blog Admin

26 04 2015

As you have probably noticed I have not updated this blog in a long time. I have fibromyalgia which is widespread pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and a slew of other symptoms. So I have not been able to update this blog and as such, there may not be any more updates on my end. If someone would like to be made and admin to the blog and update it on information for adrenal fatigue as you see fit, feel free to send me an email at letting me know of your request. Thank you.


Personal Update On My Health

27 12 2010

I have not written a personal update on how I’ve been doing in quite some time.¬† To start off, I was told I had adrenal fatigue by a nutritionist who insisted I take a salivary test to determine my cortisol levels. The test revealed that I had adrenal fatigue. Yet, in 2009, I visited an endocrinologist and told him this and he said the salivary tests are unreliable. He ran a more effective blood test to check for cortisol levels and he said I did not have adrenal fatigue.

Okay. So I don’t have to worry about adrenal fatigue, but why am I still exhuasted all of the time and have headaches and bodyaches and feel worse after exertion. Recently we discovered that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. To help me with energy I take 12 grams of d ribose a day, along with 1 tablespoon liquid L Carnitine (an amino acid), and the Fatigue to Fantastic vitamin shake mix. I get all of my supplements at The mixture of these supplements is helping me get back on my feet. Since there is no cure for CFS, I know it will take time¬† for my body to heal and that I will need to pay attention to my fatigue levels throughout the day and not overdo it. So that is the most recent update. I’ll check back later if I have anything new to post.