Personal Update

15 04 2012

Recently, since I have moved from Vermont to Maine, we have discovered that I DO NOT have chronic fatigue syndrome like one doctor suggested in Vermont. However, I am an HSP, or highly sensitive person, which basically means I have very sensitive to sensory objects such as lights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch. My nervous system picks up more subtleties than “normal” human’s. This is an inherited trait and causes fatigue when I become overstimulated or over-aroused. If I don’t take breaks in a dark, quiet room to “reset”, I have an extremely hard time getting through the day and cannot handle much of anything and I feel an intense amount of stress in my body. I will get headaches, muscle tensions and aches, racing heart, feelings of panic, like I”m going to faint and I get to a point, I just can’t take even general conversation with anyone. My brain is done and my body shuts down by falling asleep. I basically have trouble blocking things out and I get EVERYTHING coming in.

In church, I hear the pastor talking, people coughing or shuffling in their seats, or getting up to use the restroom, pages turning in the Bible. All normal stuff, but it is all loud and gets jumbled to where I lose concentration on what the pastor is saying. Couple this with the lighting and there have been times I’ve fallen asleep in church, because my brain just says, “oh, your done. Can’t take anymore.”

Just something else I have added to my plate. I am still taking supplements and on I found to work really well is 7 Keto. It is the precursor to DHEA which the adrenal glands make. It is said to help your adrenals, may improve sexual function, help you loose weight, and improve mood. It took a couple of weeks for me to notice anything but a few days ago I started feeling calmer, things rolled off me more, I could think better, sleep better, wasn’t as moody, and found I could relax easier and enjoy life much more. Now, this is how it has affected me. My mother in law has just started taking it so I’m waiting to see how it affects her. It’s supposed to be really helpful for women in menopausal ages, but since it’s  a precursor to DHEA produced by the adrenal glands, I thought it would be good to mention it in this blog. Other supplements I take are:

Salmon oil 2200mg – good for heart, eyes, mood, hair and skin

Milk thistle 300mg – cleans your body out of toxins especially your liver

Alpha lipoic acid 300mg – antioxidant and helps your cells with using energy

Rainbow Light Food Based multivitamin for women

Vitamind D3 5000 IUs

PB8 – probiotics

7 keto 200 mg

raspberry ketones – 200mg – aids in fat burning and weight loss, ups metabolism

calcium and magnesium

I’m not sure how many of these will help with adrenal issues but many of what I have mentioned have various health benefits regardless if you are taking them for adrenal issues or not.


So that is my update for now. Must get to bed. Tis very late. Will probably make more posts tomorrow. Night all.