Personal Update On My Health

27 12 2010

I have not written a personal update on how I’ve been doing in quite some time.  To start off, I was told I had adrenal fatigue by a nutritionist who insisted I take a salivary test to determine my cortisol levels. The test revealed that I had adrenal fatigue. Yet, in 2009, I visited an endocrinologist and told him this and he said the salivary tests are unreliable. He ran a more effective blood test to check for cortisol levels and he said I did not have adrenal fatigue.

Okay. So I don’t have to worry about adrenal fatigue, but why am I still exhuasted all of the time and have headaches and bodyaches and feel worse after exertion. Recently we discovered that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. To help me with energy I take 12 grams of d ribose a day, along with 1 tablespoon liquid L Carnitine (an amino acid), and the Fatigue to Fantastic vitamin shake mix. I get all of my supplements at The mixture of these supplements is helping me get back on my feet. Since there is no cure for CFS, I know it will take time  for my body to heal and that I will need to pay attention to my fatigue levels throughout the day and not overdo it. So that is the most recent update. I’ll check back later if I have anything new to post.




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28 12 2010

Have you ever had a test to see what the toxin levels are like in your body? I have read numerous articles that note that higher toxin levels can make CF much worse. Also have you had an inflammation test as well?

Also, I have read that an organic diet, free of peticides, sugars and trans fats cane make a huge difference as well.

Have you also ever done a good detox?

2 05 2011

I am on a detox program with living clay and Tahition Noni to boost and strengthen my immune system naturally. This is working wonders for me. I have energy now and when I sleep I wake up rested and ready to go unlike many years before. I am so happy, I feel like working a real full time job!! I finally have the energy too! God is good! There is help out there naturally we just have to find it. Someone shared it with me and so I am passing it on! Blessings!

2 05 2011

I suffered with chronic fatigue so bad I couldn’t work full time. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in February. Docs only suggestion was steroid therapy which can be risky. I was introduced to Tahition Noni Bioactives. Gotta say, I have not felt this good or had this much energy since my college days. Coupled with the weight loss, I like hearing from co-workers that I look great! The fatigue was taking a toll but I AM taking my health back slowly! I am so impressed I’m a fan for life!! As you mature, you find your health IS priority #1. Please share this with those struggling with immune problems, for there is natural relief and this is it. Blessings!

26 07 2011

Your thinking is a bit shallow and you’re taking all the wrong supplements. Like it or not you have adrenal fatigue and that problem has to be solved from the core.

26 01 2012
Janis I. Monroe

Okay, so you say my thinking is a bit shallow. If that is the case, then how? How can you possibly know what anyone with adrenal fatguie has been through unless you have been through it yourself. And how can you say I am taking all of the wrong supplements when these supplments have been proven to work and I personlly knowons someone who takes the same supplments and has been thriving. Are you a doctor or expert on these conditions or supplements? If not, how can you possible know who is being shallow or what supplements are the right ones. Just because a set of supplments may work for your, doesn’t mean they’ll work for me. It’s all trial an error.

26 01 2012

Adrenal fatigue is vicious. I was dx with it through a salivary test back in 2009 and after a year of supplements, I FINALLY healed. Then, I went through another period of chronic stress and I though for sure I had AF again, I had another salivary test performed and this time my cortisol levels were normal. It took me a while to figure it out, but my weak adrenals, although not at “fatigued level” were exhausted enough to knock my thyroid out of whack and my T4 kept on converting to rT3 instead of the needed T3. This caused a whole host of issues. You see, your thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones all work together synergistically. When one starts to fail, the others are pulled down with it. For YEARS I was taking all the right AF supplements, but my thyroid issues and low stomach acid was not being addressed so I continued to struggle with things like, weight gain, massive hair loss, stomach bloating, constipation and many other things. So it is very easy to take the wrong supplements because you are not aware sometime of what the AF is also causing in your body. It is almost like a domino effect. If what you are taking is working than stick with it! It is all about feeling good and getting healthy! 🙂

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