New Fact Sheets Dispel Myths Of Adrenal Fatigue And Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

27 12 2010

I was reading on about the recent updates on adrenal fatigue and found this article interesting as it dispels some of the what we are told is the truth about adrenal fatigue. Here is a snippet of the article and a link to where the article can be found:

New Fact Sheets Dispel Myths Of Adrenal Fatigue And Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Main Category: Endocrinology
Article Date: 16 Sep 2010 – 2:00 PDT






“The Hormone Foundation, the public education affiliate of The Endocrine Society, has produced two new fact sheets to dispel myths about so-called “diseases” popularized through the Internet: adrenal fatigue and Wilson’s temperature syndrome.

Myth vs. Fact: Adrenal Fatigue describes the theory behind this supposed disorder in which long-term mental, emotional or physical stress outstrips the adrenal glands’ ability to produce enough hormones. The fact sheet refutes this theory and warns against taking potentially harmful supplements designed to “treat” adrenal fatigue. It also differentiates adrenal fatigue from adrenal insufficiency, a real and rare condition in which the adrenal cortex does not produce enough steroid hormones. Adrenal insufficiency is not caused by mental or physical stress…”

You can read the rest of the article here:




3 responses

28 12 2010

First of all I would not trust ANY organization or website that has drug ads plastered all over it. Big Pharma has a huge grasp on organizations like this and I am sure this and The Endrocrine Society are no exception.

I can tell you first hand that chronic stress was the major cause of my AF and the supplements I took in conjunction with other things I did naturally is what turned me around finally!!

5 01 2011

Could you share what supplements helped your adrenal fatigue?

11 05 2012

I have responded elsewhere because it is important to dispel the myth about this “myth”. Some of us who have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue HAVE been tested by MDs and the results clearly show that we are deficient in one or more adrenal hormones, and we do fall out of the norm, but not to the extent of warranting a diagnosis of Addison’s, the same thing as Adrenal Insufficiency. So what do we call it? This is where the term Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Stress comes in. Granted, it’s hard to treat, and maybe the supplements we take for it don’t always work. But that doesn’t mean that our adrenal glands function normally and that we’re not on a dangerous path to Addison’s. I’m completely befuddled by this “fact sheet.” Don’t the endos look at test results? Or do they simply ignore them until the adrenals are completely whacked? Is it really possible to have healthy adrenal glands one day and Addison’s the next? Rather than claim this is an invented condition, they’d better serve patients by coming up with a treatment protocol to what is an obvious path to the ER if we continue to not recognize this very real condition.

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