BodyLogicMD Reports Increase Of Patients Who Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue

12 06 2009

The below article talks about what probably causes the increase in adrenal fatigue sufferers as well as ways to treat adrenal fatigue.

BodyLogicMD Reports Increase Of Patients Who Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue

Bioidentical hormone therapyphysicians are noticing an increase of patients suffering from adrenal fatigue according to BodylogicMD. Women and men who suffer the side effects of menopause and andropause (the male menopause) often complain of stress, fatigue, depressed sex drive, weight gain, and anxiety – all of which are indicators of adrenal stress from high cortisol levels. These symptoms of menopause and andropause, which are common precursors to adrenal fatigue, are often misdiagnosed and never properly treated. 

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One response

3 07 2012

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue so I’m trying to learn more about it. She had many of the symptoms talked about in the article: stress, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, and repeated infections/ illnesses, etc. Thankfully, she’s found a good treatment program at the Women to Women Clinic in Yarmouth, ME ( – and feels she’s making progress.

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