Adrenal Fatigue Support Group

6 05 2008

It is hard for people with adrenal fatigue to find people to talk to who completely understand what they are going through. I was one such person. No one can fully understand your fatigue, hypoglycemic attacks, dehydration and need for extra salt, depression, anxiety, increased allergies, etc., unless they are going through it themselves. Since adrenal fatigue is not well recognized in the world, other than in the forms of Addison’s Disease and Cushing’s Disease, it is hard to find a support group. So I searched online on Yahoo Groups and found an adrenal fatigue support group, full of people looking for advice and comfort from others with adrenal fatigue. If you have adrenal fatigue and are looking for a support group, I recommend the one I found on Yahoo Groups. To visit the group go to:

I hope this group is able to help you in finding answers and the comfort you seek in your battle with adrenal fatigue.

Best of luck,





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14 11 2008

Not sure if you’re aware, but Carol, the woman who owns & moderates the Yahoo group you mentioned is NOT a doctor or in any way a health professional. She is a professional astrologer. While some people may find support at that group, I found that Carol spends much time “diagnosing” people, suggesting treatments, and fear-mongering (especially regarding new research), and very little time saying anything that is of comfort. I was banned from the group when I responded to a post of hers pointing out that she wasn’t a medical professional and suggesting she put a link up to and refer people to the book “Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome” by James Wilson – who is an expert on Adrenal Fatigue.
Good luck to all!

20 10 2010

That’s disheartening. I just canceled my pending membership. I don’t need crackpots … I’m looking for real support … just people to share with … commisertae with … who I can possibly learn from … not big egos on some sort of power trip that want to sway me towards their way of thinking. I’m totally bummed out to find that there appears to really not be anything in the way of support for this very pervasive & very debilitating condition. I just received Dr. James L. Wilson’s book yesterday. Guess I’ll have to go this road alone, as I have been for many years, armed only with the advice of the good doctor from his book. What a letdown:(!

27 12 2010
JI Soucie

I understand how you feel. It is frustrating and it is hard to find the right support. The book will be a good help to you , but also if you need any advice, please feel free to contact me.

15 04 2012

When I tried to join the yahoo group, the moderator sent me several (not very friendly) emails to grill me about whether or not I would be allowed to join. In the end, she rejected my membership because I mostly wanted to just read rather than make posts. I was also very disappointed, but if that’s what it takes to become a member I suppose I wouldn’t have enjoyed the group that much anyway.

15 04 2012
Janis I. Monroe

That is unfortunate the moderator of the group was so harsh to you. She is not doing anyone any favors by harvesting that kind of attitude. How very sad. No, you’re right. I don’t think you would have enjoyed the group. The stipulation of groups is that ALL members should participate but I don’t think the moderator stops and thinks that not everyone is an extrovert and comfortable talking to others about things. Some people just like to read what others are willing to share. Not everyone can open up so easily and this needs to be understood. I am wondering if I should open up my own yahoo support group for people like you. I have had others tell me the similar things about this support group. Maybe I should visist this group and talk to the moderator and let her know she is not doing anyone any favors by being so selective. She is turning people away who really need the support and that is not right.

2 09 2012

Melissa, thanks so much or your post. This is not the type of group I am looking or either. I am reading the James Wilson book. I am absolutely miserable right now with my adrenals in an Addison’s state and I have systemic yeast problems. I cannot take Cortef because the steroid makes the yeast worse an the yeast problems are about as bad as the adrenal problems. I also have Hashimotos disease and recently had two tumors removed from my parathyroid glands along with two glands. I was diagnosed with Poly Endocrine Disease. Do you have any suggestions on the best adrenal builder?

12 11 2009

Contrary to popular belief, fatigue is not just an inevitable product of age. Get your hormone levels checked by a hormone specialist to verify that all your hormones are balanced.

30 11 2009

I also recommend “Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome”. That book is a must for anyone suffering with adrenal fatigue.

7 02 2010

Wow!! Thank you Melissa for your honesty. I do have the book by Dr. James Wilson that I’m reading. Was looking for support and other people who have adrenal fatigue. I guess I will stick with the book.

2 06 2010

I also found that the Yahoo adrenal support group was not as supportive as I had hoped. From what I saw, each and every post was critiqued by the moderator creating a kind of echelon of power and control in the group.

10 06 2010

From my basic on-line research, I seem to have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue but am having difficulty getting my doctor to take me seriously or even look into it. Is this common? Struggling to know what to do next, but I just know something isn’t right. Suggestions?? Thanks!

27 12 2010
JI Soucie

It is hard for doctors to take you seriously because some doctors just aren’t trained in this area. I would see an endocrinologist and have them test your cortisol levels. I had my levels tested by a nutritionist using the salivary test which said I had adrenal fatigue. However, when I went and had an endocriniologist test my coritisol levels he said I did not have adrenal faitgue. Yet, I am still fatigue all of the time and have body aches and headaches. We recently discovered I have chronic fatigue syndrome not adrenal fatigue.

28 12 2010

That does not surprise me at all Jill. I was VERY LUCKY and had to only go through 2 doctors before I found a natural MD that knew exactly what was going on. I also diagnosed myself which helped. I had text book Hypoadrenia (AF) plus more symptoms Dr. Wilson never mentions in his book.

I did the salivary cortisol test, but also a few others that all pointed right to AF. It took me about a year to fully recover but you will recover with the right treatment.

17 11 2011

Susie, how did you recover? I am so confused about all treatment options. help!

4 07 2010

To get a true diagnosis on adrenal fatigue you sould have your doctor (preferably a natural or holistic doctor) give you a 24 hr. salivary test for cortisol levels.

I had almost ALL the text book symptoms for adrenal fatigue but when I took that test, the facts of my results could not be ignored. My cortisol levels were depressed all day long and then spiked in the evening. Classic adrenal fatigue pattern.

I also have Dr. Wilsons book and it has been a wonderful resource.

7 10 2010

Due to skipping meal, or taking excess diabetic medicine, I made hypoglycemia
But that was not real hypoglycemia. I could not go below 10 MMOL/L. Lot of palpitation, blood pressure fall etc. Later it improved and I could go below 10. Now I cannot use medicine to lower sugar, it creates unrest in adrenaline

If I am late, I feel worse. If I am bothered, or angry I feel worse.

Can any body suggest how to improve.


27 12 2010
JI Soucie

It sounds like you have diabetes and need to see a doctor about controlling your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes you should not skip meals. You should eat regular meals and maybe a couple of snacks in between those meals to help keep your blood sugar levels steady.

28 12 2010

Be very mindful of foods that have a high glycemic index. Refinded carbohydrates and popcorn are very high and will spike your blood sugar levels.

Eat a protein, a good fat (butter, olive oil or coconut oil) and a good unrefined carbohydrate at every meal and snack. I agree with Jl Soucie that you should eat regular meals. Eating 6 small meals a day would be perfect, at 2-3 hour intervals. That will keep your blood sugar nice and steady.

9 07 2011

Wow, I could cry. I took Dr. Wilson’s test and scored 222, also did saliva test. Pretty much have flatline of cortisol until the night then it starts rising. I started Dr. Wilson’s protocol a month ago and am still feeling quite bad. I had hoped to feel a little better by now as the protocol for severe adrenal fatigue is costing me an arm and a leg. I am encouraged to hear that Susie felt better in a year.
I have cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, and most caffine (except for green tea.)
This could be a very stupid question, but last week I took 3 Pilates classes and the other nite I could not muster the strength to even stand up. Then two mornings later I could not muster the strength to eat breakfast. That day I did drink a coke knowing it would give me a little oomph. Is it possible it could have been due to the 3 Pilates classes?

26 01 2012
Janis I. Monroe

If you have adrenal fatigue exercising like you did can seriously wipe you out. You won’t feel like doing any nor really have the strength to do much.

26 01 2012

It can take a long long time, so be patient. How is your digestion Tammyjo?

Also the Coke (caffeine and sugar) probably did not do you any favors. Those stimulate the adrenals which is something you do not need during AF.

Yes, the Pilates classes did have something to do with it. Your muscles start wasting during AF and any workout is really tough on them.

16 12 2011
Womens Natural Energy Supplement

It may be helpful if you suffer from adrenal fatigue and share experiences with each other in a group setting. Great post.

28 01 2012

Hey, my name is Steven and I am 26 years old have dealt with very very very severe adrenal fatigue and all the negative problems that are associated with it. It hit me hard back in 2009 and has taken me 3 years to recover. But praise God, I am feeling as close to my old normal self than ever and am so thankful. If anyone has any questions I would be happy let people know the things I have learned and what really helped me get back on the road to recovery.

30 01 2012


I totally understand your journey. I have recovered, then fallen, then recovered, then fallen, then recovered and now I have fallen again. I foolishly agreed to take chemotherapy for my BC and it ended up weakening my adrenals so much that when I went thorough the most stressful part of my life a year after my chemo, I was a goner. It took me over a year to finally heal from that. Now, each time I go through a period of stress, it all comes right back. I try soooooo hard to manage my adrenaline and cortisol with Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, Magnesium, Siberian Ginsing and the like, but the stress always gets the best of me.

This time around I learned to take HCl. In the past, my digestion was horrible which prolonged everything and made it difficult to absorb any nutrients or supplements I was taking. I am also taking T3 because it screws up my conversion of T4 to T3 so bad that I get Reverse T3 dominance. Did you end up having any thyroid issues?

Did you have any libido issues? If so, any suggestions on gaining that back? I have been without for about 3 years.

2 09 2012

Steven, my name is Janet and I have been dianosed with Poly Endocrine Disease…basically meaning my endocrine system has crashed or not working well. My adrenals are in an Addison’s state and I have Hashimotos Disease. I recently had two tumors and two parathyroid glands removed because I was hypercalcemic. A note to everyone. You should have your calcium checked. If it is high, typically the reason is parathyroid tumors and your are hyperparathyroid. Doctors, even endocronoligists seem to know very little about this. I had to educated my own doctors and insist on a MRI on my neck to check or turmors and sure enough I had two. Anyway, Steven, back to my immediate question, I also have Systemic Yeast problems which are almost as bad as the adrenal problems. I cannot take Cortef since it is a steroid and makes the yeast worse. Another note to adrenal suffers with yeast problems, prescriptions anit-fungals can lower your adrenals so be careful or try natural options. Steven, what in your opinion is the best adrenal rebuilder and protocol. Any help would be so much appreciated since I am miserable right now.

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